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Hello to the official website of the institution where the logistics business integrated services in this vital area. Our vision is to be the leader in providing high-quality services and ridding be worthwhile and the closest and when our customers to provide customs clearance services. The institution was based on a number of values that guarantee the ultimate customer service and of these values:

  • Trust and integrity.
  • Customer focus.
  • Competitive and provide quality services at the best prices.
  • teamwork
  • creativity and innovation.

3 Easy Steps to Import & Export from Saudi Arabia

1. delegate prompt processing of Customs received thereon or outgoing port Daaikm. According to the model number (1) and located on the Icon models. 2. Msentdat original shipment processing and include (1. 2. 3. bill of lading certificate of origin 4. The insurance policy for the goods if the bill CIF). 3. delivery of documents to our office, which in turn rid of your goods through customs quickly and easily and deliver it to Mistodaadtkm or to any port in the world.


Our experience in the field of customs clearance and qualified cadres gave us the opportunity to serve our customer in providing customs consultancy service before importing goods from abroad, as well as that we match the specifications before importing it and because it involves saving the client time and speed of transactions completed after that.


Customs Clearance

Our work is not limited only to end the customs clearance of shipments contained procedures, but we are working on the client’s post since the beginning of thinking in preparing the shipment contained so as to equip and prepare shipment documents properly, including all the necessary information to facilitate shipping and customs clearance process.

Customs Consultancy

This service offers a range of customs officers with legal background of the affairs of the customs and laws in order to provide consulting or providing solutions or Nashah in various aspects of customs work, both in terms of customs law or regulation or different customs tariff.


Customers is supported by a wide range of support services such as management operations carriers in all ports, logistics and transport services of goods subject to the weather and many others. The group has set up an effective capabilities to transport goods by sea and air and by road and rail.

Warehousing & Distribution

The distinctive capabilities of Agility in the storage and distribution include integrated management services, enhanced land and air, sea and cutting-edge technology and strategic facilities shipping products. Based facilities of our high processing in key locations.

Logistic Solutions

The task was studying whether to implement several projects at the same time, or the implementation of the supply / multiple shipment orders at the same time, creating integrated solutions for shipping operations, transport and distribution.

Track Your Shipment

You can track your shipments through us, we have the advanced tracking options. Save time to get rid of the need to track each package separately. Sign up to enter the advanced levels of clarity to follow the shipments quite easily.









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